climbTIME membership database

the Concept

climbTIME was developed to meet the specific needs of a dedicated indoor climbing facility looking for software that did just what they wanted for a once-only fixed price.

The requirements of a climbing centre are often very different to those of a large sports centre or health club, so climbTIME was designed right from the start to prioritise those aspects of recording membership and facility entry that are most important to climbing facility managers.

Since then the database software has grown to include more features requested by other centres, but great care has always been taken not to lose sight of what is most important.

As a result, searching for existing members is fast, members can be logged in with as little as a few clicks of the mouse, and the system is about as reliable as it's possible for software to be.

As a climbing wall operator you will have your own ideas about verifying competence and about membership schemes that will help you attract and keep more members. Accordingly, climbTIME has been built to be fully configurable, to allow you to run your business exactly as you choose.

As it's an evolving product, if you find you could use a feature we haven't yet built into climbTIME, just let us know and more than likely we'll be keen to add it.

But rest assured that no matter how many features climbTIME may offer, once you have it there will be no limit to how long you can use it in your climbing centre, and you will never face a bill for licence renewal!

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