climbTIME membership database

the Benefits

climbTIME will support your business right from the start and will continue to support it as your business grows.


climbTIME is fast. Typically search results will appear almost instantaneously, even when searching thousands of members. Transactions too are processed without apparent delay. And because the database is so well structured behind the scenes, even complex management reports are produced quickly and efficiently.

While computational efficiency is certainly important, it is of little benefit without an effective workflow. climbTIME's search-as-you-type record-finding is the easiest way possible to find existing members, and just one click later you can be in the Member Entry screen ready to finalise the transaction.


Configurable membership schemes will help you attract new members and keep existing members wanting to come back. climbTIME lets you introduce schemes that are right for your customers, whatever the discount and whatever the duration.

As your business grows you will want your database to grow too. Some features - such as adding Emergency Contact details, introducing registration expiry and accepting payment in Euros - are already supported in climbTIME and just need activating in Admin. Others will inevitably need building in, and we'll be happy to include new features in future versions on request.


Accurate and efficient record-keeping benefits everyone. You'll know at a glance how many people visit your facility, how often they do so and how much revenue this brings in. You'll be able to quickly and easily reconcile payments logged in the database with till receipts, credit card transaction logs, invoices etc.

You'll know who your members are, how often they visit and when they last did so, and you'll be able to contact them.

And if ever there is a problem you'll have all the information you need about how registrants were initially registered, what questions were asked or inductions performed, and by whom. You'll know how often a registrant has visited in the past, and what if any memberships they have ever taken out at your centre.


Since the first version of climbTIME was installed in The Climbing Works back in December 2006 the system has seen a 100% reliability record, partly because it uses well-established Microsoft Access technology, but also because the database itself has been designed using nothing but the strictest relational database standards. It's no surprise then to see that other climbing centres are opting to install climbTIME as their database of choice.


The once-only purchase fee means you never need worry about licence renewal, and with an excellent reliability record you won't be frequently requesting support to fix problems you shouldn't be having. Add to this the low cost of any custom reports or new functionality and you can be sure that database concerns won't be preventing your business from growing the way you know it can.

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