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Your licence to use climbTIME will never need renewing and will never expire!

You can connect to your climbTIME database from as many computers as you like, assuming each is connected to your network. Typically up to 20 computers can all connect to the same Access database at the same time before you'll see a big drop in processing performance.

If you move to a new location you can take your database with you and install it there, assuming you aren't still running it at the original location.


As long as you're using one climbTIME database in a single location there really aren't any!

Of course you're not permitted to sell or give (copies of) the software away or to include the software in any other product or service you're providing to third parties. We have implemented a copy-protection mechanism to prevent this anyway, but that won't stop you easily connecting to your own database from any number of machines on your network.


The latest version is climbTIME 2.1, which is now available for a one-time payment of £880. Talk to us now to arrange delivery. In addition, we recognise that cashflow for a start-up business can be tight so you can choose instead to pay only £500 up front and another £430 six months later once your wall has enjoyed a good season's revenue.

Over the course of the software's lifetime - maybe 5-8 years in a typical facility - this means a very low average annual cost, and what you're getting is purpose-made software designed exactly for facilities like yours.

The software is continually evolving as features are added. Small changes and add-ons such as new reports can be created and supplied, sometimes for as little as £30 each, or if you suggest useful additions you may find we include them in future versions anyway and you'll benefit from these and all the other improvements for one low upgrade price.

Facilities currently running version 1.0 or 1.1 of the software can benefit from a half-price upgrade - meaning a total cost of just £440 for unlimited use of all the functionality not included in the version installed. Smaller incremental upgrades – such as from 2.1 to 2.2 when it's available – will cost even less.

If you have an existing climbing wall business and you're looking to take advantage of the benefits climbTIME can offer over your existing electronic database, we'll give you a discount of 5% off the price of changing to climbTIME. We'll even help import your existing membership data if possible; just let us know what format the data is in once you've exported it (send us a sample) and we'll be able to tell you how much work is required to convert and import it and to quote you a price.

If you want to use climbTIME separately in more than one facility please discuss it with us and we'll quote you a discount price for any additional copy.

* This page provides only a summary of the licence benefits, restictions and costs associated with buying and running your climbTIME database. Please ask for the full terms and conditions.

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