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ClimbTIME has three principal sections, each accessed from the main start-up menu:

  • MEMBERS is where most of the work gets done. This is where your desk clerks can search, enter and maintain registrant records quickly and efficiently. Then any registrant can easily be logged into the facility according to the membership scheme or price structure you have put in place.
  • REPORTS offers many management options for creating lists of members, entries, payments, etc., each easily restricted to any date range you choose.
  • ADMIN provides the ability to set prices, membership schemes, etc. and to turn on or off support for configurable features such as induction schemes or registration fees.


Logging registrants and user visits involves three stages:

1. Member Search

The climbTIME search screen facilitates rapid searching on Membership number, First Name, Last Name, Town/City or Postcode. All records are efficiently indexed so that a search of thousands of members will usually complete within a small fraction of a second. Because of this we've been able to implement 'search as you type', whereby the list of matching results changes with every keystroke, allowing you to see at a glance whether you need more characters to further restrict the search or whether the record you're looking for is already in front of your eyes.

Once a registrant has been found - or if it's a new registration - there's a one-click link to the member details page.


2. Member Details

Depending on your chosen Admin settings, fixed fields such as name, address and email fields may optionally be supported by fields such as Safety Question Asked, Registration Expiry Date, Inducted By, Card Issued, etc.

During busy periods only a new registrant's name need be entered straight away; the remaining details can be added later when it's quieter.

This screen also gives access to the Refund screen, which helpfully provides info on the most recent entry for that member, but allows refund payments of any value to be recorded.

From this Member Details screen a 'Let Me In' link can take you straight to the Member Entry screen to record the visit and payment. For existing registrants you can bypass this stage altogether by going straight from Member Search to Member Entry in one click.

3. Member Entry

Everything's here, clearly laid out, with options such as Registration Expiry and Guest Entry only appearing if configured to do so in the Admin section.

Time-limited values such as registration and/or membership expiry are helpfully colour-highlighted where appropriate.

Prices for existing members are automatically adjusted to reflect benefits as configured for each member's membership level.

Records may be kept of unregistered guest entries, additional payments such as hire equipment and cafe sales, and there's even a 1-click option to allow entry at half price for those near-closing-time visits.

Entry payment may be deferred any number of times if the last person in a party is to pay for the whole family, and all values and payment methods are dutifully recorded in the database. There's even an option to allow payment in Euros!

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Existing reports fall into two categories: Member/Visit info and Payment info. For each, a selection of report types are provided to help with management decisions and accounting.

Each report, where appropriate, may be produced in summary (total) or daily (one per page) form for any chosen date range.

A simple date selection screen allows very quick selection of period start and end dates by whole day/s, whole week/s or whole month/s, as well as allowing selection of any chosen date period. There's even a 1-click 'select all dates' option which selects the whole duration climbTIME has data for.

New reports are added from time to time and can usually be tailored to your requirements at minimal cost.





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The Admin section is the engine room of the database. Here you can set up your climbTIME database just the way you want it.

A Pricelist screen allows you to add and amend products such as different entry types, membership options and prices. Any number of membership schemes may be created and you can specify any changed prices any type of member will benefit from. For example, you can create an 'Off-Peak Membership' scheme to automatically set the price of products 'Standard Off-Peak' and 'Concession Off-Peak' to zero for any member who takes up this membership option, while leaving all other prices unchanged.

An Options screen allows features to be turned on or off, such as whether your facility uses a registration charge, safety questions, inductions, guest entry, half-price entry, etc.

A Staff List screen is where you can maintain names of those to record against having asked safety questions or having given inductions, if either of these has been activated on the Options screen.

A Safety Questions screen records all questions in use or previously used, so it will always be possible to know exactly what has been asked of any registrant.

A Passwords screen allows three passwords to be set, permitting access to either the Admin section, the Reports section, or certain sensitive functions on the Member Entry screen such as manually changing payment amounts or membership expiry dates.

Finally, an Export Email List option exports a full list of all registrants' email addresses, along with whether they have consented to receive email communications from you.


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