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the Support

Because climbTIME is so reliable your need for support should be minimal. And if the database won't start for any reason it's much more likely to be because a file has been accidentally moved or deleted than for any database-specific reason. You can feel free to contact us any time to discuss any issue you may have observed and to come up with a likely explanation.

We acknowledge, however, that no software is ever perfect and from time to time you may experience some behaviour you think shouldn't be happening. In this case just give us a call or drop us a line and we'll do our best to help sort it out right away.

If the problem is one of file-availability or system corruption, and you've tried re-booting both the machine where the application is running and the machine where the data file is kept (if they aren't the same machine), you'll probably need to replace either or both of these files with ones from your most recent backup (having first saved the originals with a different name of course!)

If the problem is that the database doesn't seem to be behaving the way you think it should - perhaps a record doesn't look like it's being saved, or a function or report isn't working or isn't available - we'll let you know if there is anything you can do immediately to help. It may not be a fault at all; if you've been looking through the Admin settings and inadvertantly switched off one of the options, you'll be forgiven for thinking something isn't working correctly when that option isn't appearing somewhere else in the application! If there isn't an easy explanation or a simple workaround we'll fix the problem and send you an updated version as soon as we possibly can, and as long as the problem hasn't been caused since it was installed we'll happily do so free of charge.

As your business grows and evolves it is inevitable you'll have ideas about additional things you'd like climbTIME to be able to do, whether this is simply additional reports or whether it's a whole new area of functionality. We'd be happy to discuss your ideas with a view to building them into a future version of the database. You never know - we may be already working on it!

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