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November 09: ClimbTIME now in 9 climbing centres!

This has been a great year for climbTIME, so busy in fact that I haven't until now had chance to update this site!

The biggest development is that take-up of climbTIME has been great, and what's even better is that everyone who's started using it - or transferred from a different system - seems to be really happy with the way it performs. This year alone saw Sheffield's The Edge and The Foundry both switch from their old LMS systems, Dart Rock in Devon had climbTIME running from its opening day, and most recently climbTIME has also been introduced at the Shropshire Climbing Centre and at The Beacon in North Wales. Data collected from various other systems has been imported successfully into climbTIME and generally this has been possible at very low cost. It's also been great to see that by and large the flexibilty built into climbTIME has been able to cope with the wide assortment of products and schemes used at all of these very large and busy climbing walls. Not that this hasn't given me plenty to think about in terms of improving climbTIME still further - watch this space!

On the technical side of things, climbTIME has seen a few additions and some changes which make it more easily adapted to the way you want to run your business. The Extras payments (such as Cafe, Shop, etc.) are now completely configurable so that you can use your own labels if you prefer to use these field for things such as hold sales, vouchers, etc. In addition to the Half-price entry option there's also now a configurable Fixed-price reduction option which you may want to activate and use to offer a green travel incentive.

Possibly the most significant change is to the Search screen. Whereas previously the fast Search-as-you-type list showed each person's number, name, location and postcode, now it is possible to choose a Date of Birth field, which - if your policy is to collect dates of birth from all adult registrants - provides a very quick way of choosing between records with similar names.

November 08: version 2.2

The features keep on coming.

Concession status is now able to be recorded in the database. Any number of concession types (U18, student, OAP, etc.) may be defined, and if appropriate an expiry date may be recorded against each concession member. When a concession member returns, climbTIME can now obviate the need to recheck concession proof, and can even default the standard entry product to your concession rate automatically, streamlining the entry system still further. Expired concessions will be flagged in red and the default product will automatically revert to the standard full-price entry. As usual, this functionality may either be activated or hidden completely in Admin.

Support for Guardian Lists is now in place. People who frequently sign in the same U18 climbers should not have to complete a guest details form on each visit. Now there is support for the database to hold the date a guardian form was completed along with the names of all U18 guest climbers on the form. A configurable expiry duration can be set in Admin, whereupon viewed lists will appear in red if the form needs renewing or in green if still valid. When activated, this functionality allows Guardian List viewing/maintenance from either the Member or the Member Entry screen, or if not required it may be hidden completely.

An end-of-year Asset Calculator is now available in Admin. Type in any date and it will automatically calculate the value your business had on that date in current paid memberships and unused prepaid entries, saving you a big headache when the taxman asks you for this information. Current membership asset value is calculated using the actual prices paid, and divided in proportion to the number of days remaining for each membership. Prepaid membership asset value is also calculated using the actual prices paid, but divided in proportion to the number of prepaid entries remaining for each membership.

Finally, there are now so many configurable options and lists available they have been pulled together into convenient tabbed screens (such as the Reference Lists screen below), giving you a consistent and easy way to make all of your Admin changes.

October 08: version 2.1 Demo now available for download

Having talked vith various people recently who aren't able to make it up to Sheffield to check out the climbTIME system first hand, I decided to create a video-style demo of the system in operation.

Of course the demo can't cover everything in detail but it should be enough to give people a good general idea of what's available, how it looks and how it works in practice. As a performance indicator, please note that the video was recorded in real time on my ageing laptop running a test database with over 10,000 members. Even so, there's hardly any response-time delay.

The video file is in .avi format so it should play easily in any multimedia viewer such as Windows Media Player or RealPlayer. As it's seven and a half minutes long the file is pretty big (35Mb) so please don't try downloading it unless you have a good broadband connection.

Click here to download the climbTIME v2.1 Demo .avi version (35 Mb)

Update. Apparently the .avi file download may not play properly on all ststems, so here's a Flash version instead. As an added bonus it's only 7Mb. Depending on your Flash player you may find you can pause but not rewind. If so, try right-clicking the video once it's downloaded and look for options to play it in another program. You may also find that the video is auto-resizing, causing the text in the video to lose a lot of quality, in which case either manually resize the screen as best you can, or (better) right-click to download/play to another program as before. Alternatively you can turn off auto-resizing in IE by going to Tools - Internet Options - Advanced and unchecking the relevant box in the Multimedia section.

Click here to download the climbTIME v2.1 Demo Flash version (7Mb)

October 08: versions to 2.1.3

Minor but useful tweaks.

All Payments Daily and All Payments Summary reports now allow you to see both Takings and Refunds figures together. As usual the handy Date Selector screen lets you choose any date period very quickly and easily, with reports showing either daily takings & refund totals (one day per page, broken down by payment type) or one summary totals page for the whole selected period.

The Member Visit History report can now be accessed directly from the Member Details screen. The same Reports password is still required.

Member name and address details now have all initials capitalised automatically, so name and address details are recorded and displayed in standard and readable format.

August 08: version 2.1

Some major additions here.

A Booking System has been introduced to record all future group bookings. All bookings are shown in a useful time-sorted list, with additional details such as the member of staff who made the booking and contact details for the group coordinator just one click away. Naturally all booking data is retained after the event, and future improvements will see reports added so you'll know at a glance which group sessions, days of the week, times of the day, etc. are most popular.

No more post-it notes! Configurable Alert Messages can now be associated with any member's record. Once an alert has been set, when that member checks in to use the facility the staff will automatically be presented with one of an unlimited number of admin-configured messages, with additional specific details shown in the member's Comments field. Use it to record when a member owes money, when there's a message left for a member, when a member has been barred, and in many other circumstances.

Receipts can now be printed automatically when payment is received. For those inevitable occasions where the customer asks for a receipt after the entry has been processed, a receipt for any member's most recent transaction may be printed at any time from their Member Details screen.

How did you hear about us? information can now be recorded for all members, with options selected from an admin-configurable list.

The Search screen now shows the Number of Records returned, updated automatically with every key stroke, making it easy to find out how many members you have from any particular town or postcode.


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